Texas: The Head Scratching, Anti-Science, Neanderthal, Death Warrant

A retrospective look at the most dangerous decision in world history

It’s time. It’s time for Texas. It’s officially two months since Texas removed its mask mandate and lifted most of the ineffectual COVID restrictions. The single most dangerous decision in the history of the world.

At least, that’s what you’d think based on the reaction from experts, politicians and the media at the time. But because the results from Texas don’t match up with what they said would happen, what they NEEDED to happen, it’s been conveniently memory holed just how hyperbolic and deranged they were, back in the halcyon days of March 2021.

But that’s why I’m here. To make sure we never forget just how wrong they were. And boy were they wrong.

I wanted to start with this tweet. It got nearly 68,000 likes and over 22,300 retweets. It’s Beto O’Rourke saying it was a “death warrant for Texans.” A death warrant.

So what’s happened to reported deaths in Texas since Beto incredibly tweeted out that Abbot was “killing the people of Texas?”

Deaths are down -75.3%. Literally 75.3%.

I’m always interested in exploring the “why” of comments like Beto’s — people like him are so entrenched in the pseudo religious mantra of “believe in science” that they assume that scientists, specifically those who align with their ideology, are infallible. Fauci and the CDC told them that masks and restrictions are necessary to save lives, so when masks are restrictions are lifted, it’s a death warrant. Does it matter that Fauci and the CDC have repeatedly made inaccurate predictions? Of course not. Believe in science.

“Doctors” in Texas also said that removing “…the mask mandate could result in another Covid-19 surge.” Well, that’s underselling it…Dr. James McDeavitt, Senior Vice President and Dean of Clinical Affairs of the Baylor College of Medicine didn’t seem to have any doubts that it would cause one:

“As I said, I think the governor’s decision was premature and I think it will cause another surge,” McDeavitt said. 

What’s happened with cases?

They’re down -58.2% since March 3rd.

How much longer do we have to pretend that the proverbial “doctors” have any clue what they’re talking about when it comes to COVID interventions? How many times do doctors have to be wrong before we get that they’re often just repeating what nationally recognized experts are saying? How about we start asking “doctors” to tell us how states without mask mandates are doing before we ask their opinions? I’d be willing to bet the majority of them have absolutely no idea.

We’re never going to hear from Doctors who know the actual data, because outlets like NBC News have no intention of asking people like Dr. Scott Atlas, as he goes against the narrative they’re trying to sell.

I love this one because of the simplicity. 75,430 likes for saying the decision is “premature.” Why is it premature? Based on what? It’s the unending assumption that masks work, based on absolutely nothing. Just an unshakable belief in “science.” Which is really code for “science that allows me to have an unearned sense of self-importance because people who share my ideology have told me to do something.”

I just…remarkable.

Speed round!

George Takei got nearly 37,000 likes by calling the decision a “racist death sentence.” Kurt Eichenwald called Abbott “murderous.” Austria’s sweetheart, Eric Feigl-Ding, wanted to “vomit so bad,” which is how I feel whenever I see his nonsensical tweets, and Vanity Fair said they were “duking it out for the country’s biggest dumbass” and seeing “who can kill the most people with COVID-19.” Reminder, deaths are down -75.3% since March 2nd.

It’s always nice to have reminders of how Fauci & Osterholm go back and forth trying to one up each other in inaccuracy.

And while I could go on forever with the hyperbolic stupidity, I have to close with the pièce de résistance. The magnum opus. The masterpiece. Neanderthal thinking.

So what’s happened with hospitalizations after Biden’s gloriously ignorant statement?

Down -55%. Naturally.

Week In Review

Because the media cannot stop attempting to blame Republicans for COVID outcomes, it’s worth repeating once again that there is statistically no difference in death rates between states with Republican governors and those run by Democrats. They’re the same.

Cases continue to decline, which makes sense because the CDC director said that she had a “recurring feeling of impending doom.” I haven’t found one, but if someone knows of a website that allows you to bet against the CDC, please let me know because I’d really like to retire.

It almost too easy to keep picking on Biden, but I’m contractually obligated to, because it’s just too perfect that he made those comments and then saw states with mask mandates do significantly worse than those without mandates weeks later.

For a fun thought experiment, just try to imagine the reaction from the media if the former President had done this, and contrast it with the deafening silence coming from all of the fact checkers and misinformation specialists within the corporate press.

If the media was even slightly interested in objectively presenting information, charts like this would be running incessantly over every COVID-themed broadcast. But they do not care about objectively presenting information, they care about promoting “believe in science.” Biden is also a follower of the religion, so he is above criticism. For as long as necessary, the mask is their rosary, Fauci is their pope, and the CDC is their church.