Feb 23, 2022 • 53M

Episode 12: Interview with Dr. Gary Sidley

Dr. Sidley tackles the important questions of COVID policy: what happened, why, and where do we go from here?

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Discussions, interviews and in-depth examinations on COVID-19 data
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Dr. Gary Sidley, retired NHS psychologist, writer and founder of the UK’s Smile Project to end mask mandates joins the podcast to discuss the impacts on mental health from lockdowns, masks and the government messaging on COVID policy. 

Dr. Sidley is on Twitter, at Coronababble and has written for The Critic and The Spectator. He’s also one of the founders of the Smile Free campaign to permanently end mask mandates.

This episode touches on some really important subjects and questions that we’ll all be dealing with for a very long time — what happened early on, why, and what happens next.

With many restrictions coming to an end, can we be sure that they’ll be eliminated as a potential option down the road?

Why did mask mandates start?

What’s the justification for vaccine mandates and passports?

What was the UK’s “nudge” unit about?

It’s a fantastic conversation and I’m very appreciative to Dr. Sidley for taking the time to join.

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**I wasn’t able to get a usable transcript for this episode, unfortunately, but will hopefully be able to continue that with the next recording. Sorry for the inconvenience.**