Took them long enough. Maybe by 2030 they will be on board with actual facts.

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Thanks, Ian, for all of your great work.


All the CV case and death stats are bullshit.

But let's assume for a moment that these stats remotely reflect reality.

Among many other BS aspects of the pro-Cal claims, the purported increase, from 20% to 40%, of deaths among the non-old occurred when the overall number of deaths had already diminished sharply.

20% of 20,000 is far more than 40% of 5,000.

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If they admit they were wrong, then they wouldn't be able to do it next time.

"We know this stuff works from last time, therefore........"

Paid Media Campaigns

Our paid media creative will be phased to match the expected supply and demand of the vaccine, as well as the information Americans are looking for. This will be tailored to fit specific audiences.

Slow the spread

Run March -April Target hardest-hit communities by cases and demographics

Highlight new COVID19 variants as a reason to continue wearing a mask, keeping distance, and getting vaccine in-turn.

Use radio, social, print, and digital (no TV component)

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